Trocas, devoluções e garantias

Our biggest commitment is with your full satisfaction. If you chose your product in our online store, but when you received it, did not like it or even verified that there is a manufacturing defect, we guarantee your right of exchange or return in two cases:

1.1. Product dissatisfaction: Within 7 (seven) calendar days from receipt (customer may request return of value or replacement of product upon return of product received).

1.2. Product defective: Within 30 (thirty) days from receipt (in this case the customer is not entitled to a refund, only the exchange of the defective product), for defects such as: product with damaged glass or visor, scratches apparent, missing parts, the customer is entitled to trigger the warranty if they contact within 24 hours after receipt, and always send pictures of the package received. If the customer contacts after 24 hours, it will be considered that the problem was caused by misuse. In both situations, the first step is to communicate our WhatsApp Service Center +55 (44) 98413-0003 and our team will instruct the customer on how to proceed with the return of the Product.

1.3. Any cost that the customer has to return the product by courier is the responsibility of the customer, however the amount spent on the shipment entitles to a discount coupon in the amount spent on the freight (which should always be PAC if the customer send by SEDEX, the discount coupon will be in the value of the PAC) for a next purchase, the next purchase so that the customer can take advantage of the discount coupon, must be at least the same value of the product that will be replaced.

For return of product due to dissatisfaction: The product must not have use marks. The product should be shipped the way it was received, with the original packaging (postal packaging, labeled), otherwise refund or exchange is not performed. Once we receive the package, we will make an analysis to confirm that everything is in accordance with the return conditions of the Item. After confirmation, our Customer Service Team will contact you and in this case you will be able to choose between:
2.1. Swap for any other product that is available in our stock;
2.2. Receive the refund of the amount spent on the products (in case of return within the first 7 days after receipt);

3. Warranty: All products in the store have a 7-day warranty, counted after receipt of the product. In order for the guarantee to be activated, the customer must send us a video of up to 1 minute proving the problem, in this video must also be shown the packaging of the product received (postal packaging, with label), it is indispensable that the packaging is shown on video. The customer can also check the defect by sending us pictures that clearly show the defect and the photo should appear the product packaging. If the customer can not make the video or send the photo, it will be necessary to send the product to our address in Paraná for analysis, the cost of this shipment is the responsibility of the customer, however the amount spent is entitled to a discount coupon in the value of the freight PAC, according to item 1.3 above, the product must be shipped with the original packaging of the postal, with the label of the recipient without malfunctions.

NOTE: does not provide any kind of technical assistance, we do not have an authorized assistant. For further questions please contact our team that we will give you all the necessary support.

4. IMPORTANT: Our warranty does not cover any aesthetic malfunctions occurring after the purchase of the device in our company, such as broken screens, cracks, and other similar problems.

4.1. The warranty also does not cover:
● Fluid damage, such as dropping or submerging the product; although some products are resistant to water, there are some limits to be respected from product to product;
● Damage caused by attempted repair or adaptation of the appliance on your part or third parties;
● Improper use of accessories;
● Faults or damage that may occur due to normal wear and tear – eg scratches on the screen due to use, oxidation due to excess uric acid from the user of the product;
● Acceptable battery life reduction; Tests to verify the resistance of the product, such as test to check the resistance of the watch glass or test to check the resistance to water, among others.


Warranty: All our 7-day warranty products, and the warranty also works for both free products and paid products. If you need more information see article 3 above.
Exchanges and Returns: We do not exchange and return free products, since it is a promotion in which the customer only pays the freight.
The color of the product in question is sent according to availability in stock, in the absence of one color another is sent.